Zamurai Private Blog Network Blueprint Review – Buy or Bye?

By | 29 August, 2014

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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a video review.  I wanted to be a hangout air but it didn’t quite work.  Got some brushing up with that. Here is the summary:

What it does:

Teaches you to build a private blog network


1.  Cost

2.  Simply laid out

3.  Show a free option to find those juicy domains

4.  4 Bonuses that are very helpful


1.  Building a PBN requires additional money…investment in things like: hosting, domain names, for some they will need to buy content.

2.  If your focused on using social media for traffic this will be a distraction.  But if the price…since the price does change, remains under 20 bucks it is a nice read to understand how to set up an Private Blog Network.

My link to pick up this PBN goodness:

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