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VideoMaker FX Summary:

Simply put VideoMaker FX is a video creation software.  It is simple as finding the right template, which tons are included and then it’s up to your imagination.  Their is the ability to change background colors, text size and color, add background images and add motions and allows with simple clicks.

What are the Pros of VideoMaker FX?

Makes it easy to make kinetic videos.
Number of choices in slides that are included with the initial purchase.
Ability to receive new slides every month by signing up for the monthly subscription.

What are the Cons of VideoMaker FX?

Too many choices.  Sometimes it makes it hard to decide which slides to use.
The area available for the text can sometimes be too short or difficult to arrange on the page.

Who would Benefit from Using VideoMaker FX?

Anyone who uses videos to promote their products.
Anyone who creates videos for local SEO clients.


Overall, this is one of my favorite video creator software that is on the market…and I have three of them.  Watch out for my review of the other two.

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