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What does Tube Viper X Summary:

Fast and easy to research the factors other videos using the same keyword are ranking for.

Easily grab the tags for these videos.

Easily analyse another channel (like a competitors’)

Track your video rankings over time.

Analyse the stats of your keyword in Google.

What are the Pros of Tube Viper X Pro?

This was developed and released by the reputable Lisa Allen.  She always makes sure things are updated.  This is especially important with any software that interacts with google and youtube, who are continually updating the codes.

Love the ability to track video rankings.

Makes it easy to see the social backlinks and tags for your competitors.

What are the Cons of Tube Viper X pro?

Can’t really think of any at the moment.

The google research tool is slow but then again, whenever you are mining data from Google adwords that is usually the case.

Who would Benefit from Using Tube Viper X?

If your into video or youtube marketing and you can only afford one research software this would be the one I pick up.

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