One Command PicThis is an amazing process for manifesting from Asara Lovejoy. The audio and book gets to the heart of another amazing technique to manifest your goals. The element that makes this technique unique is that it teaches you to get into the Theta wave state when manifesting.

The steps are simple, described clearly and the reasons behind the steps are explained. The book is very narrative and gives countless examples of the steps and actual cases of people employing this method. Some may find it long winded if they want to get to the heart of the Steps or Process.

Yes, I am one of the people who liked to go straight to how to do it. Yet after digesting and learning the steps, I found the countless accounts and examples to be extremely helpful.

I believe being in the right state of mind is an essential step to manifesting. When I say “state of mind” I mean a peaceful place where your thoughts are not running rampant. If your thoughts are running rampant how can you effectively focus on what it is you are to create?

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