Yes, I am starting this post again.  This is the 3rd version.  I lost the other posts and pages when I moved this blog from my initial hosting company.  So started to many projects and had a ton of disappointment.  I always try to see the brighter side and to learn the lesson from every experience.  So now that I have had a spark.  I will end each post with a positive.

Back to this portion of the journey.  Decided 3 years ago this was what I wanted to do…needless to stay…I’ve made less then $1000.00 and spent a lot more then I made.

During this journey I have self taught myself wordpress, seo on-page, off-page, understand social media, youtube, affiliate marketing and offline marketing…the list goes on and on.

So in the spirit of keeping this short.  I decide I need a mentor…I don’t believe in insanity;  that is where you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

I was on a path to run into the same products and method for a 2nd time.  I decide it was time to find someone who could mentor me.

I made the decision to do what exactly he says, versus only doing somethings and ‘knowing’ better.  I have mind dumped all the different projects I had going and will be focused on this primarily.

So here I am on the beginning of another part of my journey, being mentored.

Lesson Learned:

Know when you need help and find it.  It’s ok, your not dumb, you just don’t have the right information,

Smile, Sylvia