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Yes, I am starting this post again.  This is the 3rd version.  I lost the other posts and pages when I moved this blog from my initial hosting company.  So started to many projects and had a ton of disappointment.  I always try to see the brighter side and to learn the lesson from every experience.  So now that I have had a spark.  I will end each post with a positive.

Back to this portion of the journey.  Decided 3 years ago this was what I wanted to do…needless to stay…I’ve made less then $1000.00 and spent a lot more then I made.

During this journey I have self taught myself wordpress, seo on-page, off-page, understand social media, youtube, affiliate marketing and offline marketing…the list goes on and on.

So in the spirit of keeping this short.  I decide I need a mentor…I don’t believe in insanity;  that is where you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

I was on a path to run into the same products and method for a 2nd time.  I decide it was time to find someone who could mentor me.

I made the decision to do what exactly he says, versus only doing somethings and ‘knowing’ better.  I have mind dumped all the different projects I had going and will be focused on this primarily.

So here I am on the beginning of another part of my journey, being mentored.

Lesson Learned:

Know when you need help and find it.  It’s ok, your not dumb, you just don’t have the right information,

Smile, Sylvia

  • Hiya Sylvia.

    I sure can relate to spending more than I have made!!

    I never kept that great of a record but over the last 12-14 months I would guess it to be somewhere around, Spent $2,000 – $3,000 and earned a good solid $20!!!

    I s**t you not 🙂

    Not the most lucrative career SO FAR.

    You only fail when you give up right?

    Well I’m still working and pushing to get this right and can’t see myself giving up until such time as I have succeeded.

    So I wish you all te best and keep in touch,

    • admin

      Sean you are absolutely right!
      We only fail when we give up…besides, I have invested way to much time, effort and cash to give up at this point. lol
      Lately I learned that addition to learning and determination that three other ingredients are needed. Planning, focus and action!
      Stay with it! You will make it!

  • Hi Sylvia
    I’m visiting your blog after you were kind enough to visit mine and post a comment.

    This post caught my eye and, in particular, Sean’s comment about only failing when you give up. I totally agree – in which case none of us will be failures, right?

    As log as we all know that each action taken is a step towards the objective it keeps us going, even if we can’t actually see a finishing line (because there isn’t one).

    I have actually kept a spreadsheet of all my spending and all my income – I’m currently down close to $3k !! I see it as an investment in me (although with hindsight that investment would be lower and I would have signed up to a coaching/mentoring program sooner).


    • admin

      Hi Brad,

      Absolutely agree. There are no mistakes if you learn from every experience. I actually get distracted with wanting everything to be perfect and planned out. There is a reason why they they say those who are successful take ACTION!

      We are taking ACTION so there is only one outcome — SUCCESS 🙂

      I am glad you stopped by. I really appreciate it!


  • Hi Sylvia,

    You have put together an impressive looking blog. I love the colours and header and footer. I wish you all the best in you IM success and I will keep an eye out for your new posts.

    Regards Oliver

    • admin

      Thanks for stopping by Oliver,
      I love putting together sites so I really appreciate the comment.

  • A better magazine theme will make the blog looks nicer:)

    • admin

      Thanks for stopping by Thomas!