To everyone who has come by and saw nothing…I am sorry. Evil hackers got on to my server again…and added some code in the index file. This made it impossible to pull up some of my sites. I was able to figure it out 🙂 I initially went to the server company to ask for help…I was not impressed. My email that was suppose to be answered in 24hours….well it’s been 36. Here are my tips to figure out what has gone wrong:

1. Log into your cpanel.
2. Scan the dates on the files and look for a date close to the current date – this usually means something was added to the file.
3. Open the file via the “edit” option in the cpanel bar above
do not use the html editor because I have found sometimes the hacking code does not appear in the other editors.
4. Now look for a code that:
Goes across your screen for several lines
Seems out of place
Compare the code to a good file.
5. Change the code back or upload a fresh file
6. Save changes
This has worked for me most of the time so I hope it helps you too!

Here are some additional expanded directions to the above:

How to compare code to a good file?
I have more then one wordpress site. So I will note the name of the file, the full path of the file on the server. I will open a different website in cpanel. Find the some file. Download it on to my computer. Open it as a text file. Then compare the code.
Gosh I hope this all makes sense…

Now…here is the interesting part of my situation…the little evil hackers changed my permission on the file so that I could not save the file after the code was removed. This took me a day to jog my memory.

Each file on your server/hosting account, has separate permissions set. Just make sure the “user” has permission to “write”.

Silver lining: After this happening over and over again. I use WordPress Database Backup
by Austin Matzko to save the tables and I am looking for an additional product to save the main files. When I find a better solution I will post it here 🙂