Pinterest is really fun and easy to use.  I could easily lose hours of productivity pinning, following, etc.

Like any social networks there are tips and tricks to maximize your time there when your aim has an internet marketing intent:

  1. to build traffic
  2. connect with your audience
  3. all of the above

This is one of the latest tips I found – rearranging you pinterest board!  Yes you can move the boards around so that the boards you want pinners to see first can be at the top!

Okie through trial and error here is a tip that I found after the video is done.  Instead or re-doing the whole video I decide to add it as an annotation at the end of the video or request a social share:P

Essentially you get the choice to share this post or watch to the end of the video to find out what it is (internet marketing tactic move – this helps spread this post to a wider audience or more views for the video).

[mgh id=”s2″ msg=”Making Lemons into Lemonade” des=”Get this TIP on rearranging your Pinterest Board or watch to the end of the video”]

After you have your boards rearrange in the order you want – LEAVE THE SCREEN ALONE for 20 – 30 minutes.

That means: DO NOT GO TO ANOTHER PAGE. You can open another tab and move around but DO NOT DISTURB the tab where your newly arrange boards are on

Though Pinterest claims to ‘automatically’ save your changes – I found out the hardway it is not instantaneous.

After leaving the screen alone for 15+ minutes – it looks the the servers updated the changes and they were saved.

Learn from my mistakes 🙂


Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope this has been helpful.  Leave a comment and let me know any other subjects you’d like me to explore 🙂