internet marketing strategiesOne of my inspired actions is to write on this blog once or twice every week. Wow, I can not believe how fast the week has passed.

Sometimes I know exactly what I want to write. Sometimes I have so many ideas and experience I want to share that I am not sure where to start and tie them together. Today is one of those days where I have waaay to many ideas.

I could talk about, mind mapping and how I will provide a free mind map every month.

I could talk about inspired action and focus…sometime I struggle with continually.

I could talk about why I decided to join the Alex Jeffery’s group and how important it is to be with like minded people.

I could talk a bit more about me…but I think my about me page pretty much says it all.

Let’s see where this goes. After 2 year of minimal success with Internet Marketing, the new year approached and I knew I needed to stop chasing the shiny and new and find a mentor program or a group of people I could talk to.

Year 1 I brought a couple of Ebooks and signed up for things. Year 2 I chased so many WSO I am embarrassed to face how much I have spent but tax season is here so….I have to face it :p

2-3 weeks ago I signed up with Alex Jeffery because I knew he was successful and the wso he offered looked like he was mentoring us. I signed up for the course and the forum…which is one of the best things I have done. I promised myself to follow his every step and to do what he says meaning stop putting my own twist to stuff before I have even tried his method. He’s the one with the successful business right?

One of ‘required’ traffic building actions is to get on forums, I use require loosely because I am requiring myself…hee hee. Ohh – This is the silver lining of this post! As I am on the different forums providing helpful tips I realize I knew a lot. I just needed practice to write it down and to find exact wording and terms to explain it. This is the cool part. I had applied for a new position in my day job to be one of the trainers…one of the reasons was I felt it would give me an opportunity to discuss and present the knowledge I had. Well I didn’t get it and then I started AJ’s course…I am getting on the forums and helping others and myself. In the end I got what I wanted anyways but even better…
1. I am getting the practice of explaining the different aspects of Internet Marketing strategies
2. I get to do this on my terms meaning I can discuss whatever subject I want.
3. It is giving me a huge boost in confidence in what I know.
4. An opportunity to help others.

This is the super mega bonus silver lining of this experience with being on the forums, listening to hours and hours of AJ audio and connecting with people on the AJ forum. I have been creating mind maps of some of the audios, my process for SEO and the resources I have used to to answer questions on the forum. I realized how great these would be to share. I had haphazardly fell into the bonus item for my subscribers **happy dance**. I was amazed that I came up with 14 mind map ideas in 30 minutes…now the actual mind maps will take a bit longer…

So thanks for stopping by and reading this little roller coaster ride! The first mindmap will be sent out the first week of April so sign up with the box in the right sidebar!