Facebook Feed Tips

Hello!!  Facebook has so many uses and these past two weeks I have been trying to learn how to use all the filters.  I finally figured out how to create and manage my friends list and also create a feed on Facebook.  On facebook it is actually called INTERESTS – but this is Sylvia land and I am… Read More »

Essential WordPress Plugins

Hello Gang!  It’s been awhile since I wrote.  I have been asked what are the ESSENTIAL wordpress plugins from my list.  Here is a little video (it’s my first one so pardon all the UMs).  The list of the plugins are below! List of Essential Wordpress Plugins in the Video **Bad Behavior **cbnet Ping Optimizer **Contextual Related Posts **Display… Read More »

Bursting and Focusing

I meant to put a video up on how to quickly install some plugins into your wordpress site…but still have not gotten around to it.  I apologize about that. I am planning my goals for April…let me say this last month has been such a learning experience.  I don’t know where to start so I will start like… Read More »

Launched – Mindmap Series 1

Busy busy busy.  This week it was like a switched flipped.  I am planning out my calendar for the week based on the monthly goals, which corresponds to the yearly and life goals.  Each Sunday or Monday I plan for the week.  Then each morning, I check to see if I am on track and adjust accordingly.  Needless… Read More »

The Ones I Use – My List of Best WordPress Plugins

It’s like a box of chocolate…Which plugins should I use?  When you start your first blog or website that seems to be the question…and then you start ‘investigating’ and ‘wondering’ and the next thing you know…another 4 hours have passed…oh no. This is my personal list of favorites.  Some of the descriptions are blatantly taken from the WP… Read More »


Ughhh….yeah I said it.  After a week of wondering around to other blogs in the MWY community and the forums.  Reading about everyone’s progress AND a week-end of minimal progress and no subscriptions…I was a little down…sad face 🙁 It looked like everyone was making such progress, developing freebies or WSO’s and getting the sought after subscriber… A… Read More »

Am I Brave Enough to Post on Forums?

Yes,  that was the questions.  I HAVE to post on forums?  You mean I can’t article market, distribute press releases and backlink like a little demon?  I blame Alex for making me post on forums.  I hated it.  It scared me.  It seemed useless and time consuming.  I had avoided it even though one of the first WSO… Read More »