inspiration1230Today is the first time I have written in quite a while! Wanted to start off with a Happy New Year! One of the things I love about the new year is everyone’s excitement and planning for the future. The feeling that there will be a clean slate and we will start again and accomplish new things is an exciting feeling. I love the reminder of that feeling and in the past couple of years try to hold on to that feeling. Why?

This infectious feeling we capture every year is powerful. Full of hope and great expectations and happiness. It is full of positives. By remembering it and infusing it into my cells I hope to recharge and be able to recall on it whenever I need it!

Think about it, if time was not measured we could feel like this everyday and every second. In fact we can! This positive feeling does not have to be just for the new year. The truth is every second is and can be a new beginning.

My New Years wish for everyone last year is still the same as this year: Know that every moment can be a new start.

One of my new starts this year is to blog more often on the things I researched through out the year. I’ve had this blog set up for many year and was never share what niche or specific direction to take. Well, it took a bit and I realized, yes I want to share it all.

Yes, I am a little all over the place but I know there is a energetic vibration out there, in our home, in our bodies, in our minds, spirit  in nature and all around us. Knowing how to tune into it and cultivate it can be powerful in achieving your goals.

It is my joy to share this information with you. Love the comments
. Be back in a bit.