It has been awhile since I last wrote. I have been busy doing self improvement and truly understanding what the Law of Attraction is and apparently experiencing it first hand. The last few months, and even today, I am continuing with my journey of limiting beliefs and understanding how they are part of the energetic universe. How I can consciously manifest with ease, to live the life I have envisioned while successfully navigating thru my limiting beliefs and the negative realities and personalities I encounter on a daily basis.

I don’t recall talking about my journey but I would say it officially began 7 years or so when I moved to Arizona. I manifested the move two years earlier. There was no way I should have moved or it even being possible. I had to young boys, I had all my family living near me, helping me care for my children as a new divorcee/”single” mother. I was starting to gain momentum on the non-profit career I had gotten a Masters for. Yet the Universe answered my call and made it possible for me and my children to move out-of-state.

I made the request two months after I had found myself unexpectedly in the mist of a divorce. I simply said, “If I could move out of Washington, I would.” I left it out there with little expectation of it being possible. In the weeks following, I met someone and we gave each other what we needed at that time. A strong friendship grew and a realization of our similar values and goals. From there, love. A year and a half later, he was offered a job in Arizona. A place he had been trying to move to even 3 years before we met. When I moved out here my set of friends who are “practitioners/believers” of the law of attraction (for lack of a better description) gave me Wayne Dwyer’s CD set “The Power of Intention.”

I listened to it and actively started my journey. Here is a loose order of my exploration/studies as of now:
The Power of Intention (book)
Crystal energy (books)
Chakra clearing
“Divine Magic, The seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation” by Doreen Virtue – AMAZING BOOK
Feng Shui
Siva Baba (books, videos)
The Secret (books, videos)
M.D. Deepak Chopra (book)
The Sedona Method (books, videos)
The Power of Now (book)
The Science of Getting Rich (book)
The Missing Secret (book, videos)
EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique (book, videos)
Gregg Braden (videos)
Ho ponopono (books, videos)

These are some of the books and subject areas I have read, watched, explored. I hope sharing my journey might provide some insight for others. Below is a widget of some of the books in my personal library.

The reason why this article is called “Part 1 is because I plan to post additional updates on my journey as time passes. If ever there are questions or comments please do not hesitate.

Onwards and Upwards, Sylvia