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Hello Everyone!

We all know how important it is to get traffic to our site and to connect to people who are interested in the product, service or information we are offering.  Mindmap #3 Traffic Sources discusses the different places on the web to create traffic.  Now creating traffic can also be viewed as linkbuilding.  Let me explain – the defination of each (did not really do this in the videos).

Link building is adding a link to your website on someone else’s website.   The link can be the url of a page on your website or a text (keyword) that is hyperlinked to a url on your page.

Traffic sources is not necessarily adding your links to other sites but can also be seen as connecting with people who are interested in visiting your site and seeing what it has to offer.  Of course this can be put up for debate but in Sylvia land this is how it is going to be presented (until further notice).

Without further delay, here are the videos.  Each video is under 10 minutes 🙂  If you would like a copy of the mindmap you gotta be a subscriber.  Sign up in the box to the right.  You will get this mindmap as well as the two prior.  Enjoy.

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