We all have a choice. You have made a choice even if you don’t realize it. Taking action is a choice. Waiting for the right situation is a choice Not doing anything is a choice. I know the last one is the one that raises the most anger and or confusion. How is the fact that I can not do what I want a choice? My answer is this:

It is a choice. You are choosing not to wait and be on the look out for an opportunity or solution.  You are choosing to not find another way.  You are making the choice to be mad, unhappy or feel sorry for yourself.  If you are encountering the same situation repeatedly then you are choosing not to learn the lesson that has been brought forth in your life.  You are choosing to not see it.

So I challenge you to see the choice you have made in everything you do.  By accepting the fact that you have make a choice in every act, you allow your conscious to start realizing how much power you really have.  You will start building the momentum to move onward and upwards.  You can start seeing the positive possibilities in a situation.  You can start creating a happier outlook and see opportunities.   In essence it can start changing your mood and your outlook.

I challenge you to make a conscious choice in everything your doing.  Sometimes you may have to compromise in the short term in order to reach the big picture.

Smiles+abundance, Sylvia
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