This thought popped up on my radar and has riddled my mind the last week.  Is my focus to manifest one thing a possible reflection of a limiting belief or a part of the natural laws of the universe? That there are limits in this world? If we are able to tap into the universe and tap into unlimited love and possibilities and manifest anything and everything….then why do I get the sense there is a limit? This is a maze of thoughts that I have been working though. Now how did these questions come about?

Well several things have been happening and here is a quick summary:

  1. I have been focusing my manifesting and meditation on only a handful of item. I felt my energy would not be a scattered and I could develop my ability to manifest larger things.
  2. Lately I have not been the fireball I once was. I feel tired and hence had to admit I am not super woman and can’t do it all. This has been hard given the drive I have and what I have accomplished in the pass.
  3. Due to these “limiting” guidelines I have placed on myself I wondered if perhaps I had some limiting beliefs…and if the world was limited. Of course this goes against what I believe, but did my subconscious still believe in it? The child who continually seeks approval.

As I exam this question, I believe there is a two part answer.

Part 1 – The genie in the bottle can only offer 3 wishes. Plants and animals hibernate. The charges in batteries eventually get used up. The missing part of this is the energy has NOT disappeared it has been transmuted, it has been transfered into another form. Even Einstein has said energy is always constant. It transfer. Our body, mind, energy can be thought of in the same way. Our actions, words, thoughts, emotions, physical activity – It is all the result of energy being transfered and transmutated into these actions. As a result we are always shifting energy. What a powerful realization that is!  We must renew our energy.  There in not necessary a limit on energy.  We all have so much energy and I believe like anything in our lives we must work at improving how much energy we can transmute in any certain time.  An example is learning or weight lifting.  You start off slow but you can improve on your ability as time passes.  This lead me to part two.

Part 2 – Focus. When we first start, and I mean seriously start to intentionally manifest things into our lives – we must focus.  We have to be in a loving and place that is full of gratitude and belief that what we envision is happening – above that, and this may seem like the disclaimer.  The universe will bring us what is in our best interest, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Unfortunately, it is always a reflection of your subconcious.  So if you don’t like what is happening, it is time to re-exam your thoughts, actions and past.

In summary the answer is…energy is unlimited, you are unlimited.  You can manifest but in the beginning it is better to focus to better understand the nuances.  If you feel stuck – re-exam what you are doing and perhaps re-exam any limiting beliefs.

Here is another perspective.  Some people tell you not to want so much, it’s urealistic, it will keep you from being disappointed and hurt.  Huh?  if the universe is unlimited….then what?

Here is an answer.  It is NOT about wanting to much.  You just need to take the necessary steps, to work your way up.  It does not need to be heartbreaking and a struggle.  It can be filled with joy and effortlessness.  Part of that is with each step, approach it with gratitude.  It’s also knowing your limitations.  Not limitations of what you can achieve but limitations of the time and energy you have at that moment in time.  We all have limitations whether it is physical, emotional, educational, mental, etc.  We just need to work on building our power!  Set backs can appear and when they do,  remember to re-exam the situation or yourself.  If you believe you can do it!!!