Hi Friends,

With this post, I am committing to post at least once a week, either Wednesday or Fridays.  It’s been a crazy year of experimenting and figuring out what has worked.  I managed to get to the top 1% of kred…I didn’t really try there.  I have a klout score that is currently at 76.  Yes, I worked hard for that one and I do take pride in that!  I did this without having a huge following and despite my jumping around on twitter, instagram, google plus and facebook. Yes, I have MMO ADD – I just love social media and internet marketing and youtube and can’t help but keep learning.

Two lessons I talk about in this video:

  1. Finding friends and like minded people to interact with when working on the internet at home…by yourself.
  2. Focus, focus action is a huge key.

In the upcoming months I will talk on a range of topics, from what I learned, reviewing products and offering helpful tips.  Working on my blog and sharing what I know is really a pleasure so please connect with me further in any or all of my social media presence.

Have an amazing day!