I admit, I have struggled emotionally the last couple of days.  I didn’t exercise to release those vibrant endorphins into my blood stream.  I didn’t run through my affirmations and gratitude statements.  I didn’t start my EFT in order to release and resolve what was bothering me.

I made the choice to be inactive.  To do nothing. To stew in my own juices.

What was building up in me?  Believe it or not, it was the inactivity going on around me.  LOL.  Talk about a negative spiral going nowhere.  Talk about the Law of Attraction.  I have been waiting for my various business partners to do something, to meet up with me, to evaluate products, to brainstorm. Basically to have forward motion instead of talking about the same things again and again.  ARRRRGH.

I am the type of girl that is addicted to multi-tasking. Hence this whole waiting situation had reached my boiling point.

I knew I had made the choice to do nothing hence I was attracting others that were doing nothing.  So I made the choice to start moving the forward momentum.

I made the choice to meet up with a girlfriend who always reinvigorates me.  Good choice because I felt better and she gave me a great product idea!

I made the choice to vent and thank those who listen to me for being there.  Good choice since I can now feel more clear and ready.

I made the choice to re-evaluate and reaffirm the things I need to do to maintain my mental and emotional health.

The point of this.  Well, as brutal as this seem.  Not doing anything about a situation is a choice.  Sometimes we make a conscious choice to do nothing because we are choosing to wait for the right circumstances, not because of fear. Often, we unconsciously choose to do nothing, that is still a choice.  So when we start realizing the inactive choice we have made, we have a responsibility to ourselves and our love ones to clear ourselves, to realign ourselves, to make the choice to move forward, even if it is to just to plan our next move.  So we can be our best for ourself and those we love around us.

Smile+Abundance, Sylvia