How To Install Plugins – Quick and Easy

By | 27 July, 2012

Hi Everyone.

I hope you enjoy this video about how to quickly and easily install multiple plugins into your site.

This method is a great way to install multiple plugins especially if you have a set number you like to use.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts below!  I read every comment and appreciate them.


Forgot to include some details ūüôĀ

Name of plugin:  Improved Plugin Installation

As for the plugin urls:  Find new plugins like you normally through the wp plugin area.
When you see the plugin you want, select it.
Copy the url at the top of the page.  Normally it will start with: OF PLUGIN/

If you go to my post titled:  Best WordPress Plugins you will see my preferred list and noticed the url for each of the plugins.


  • Hi Sylvia,

    Great plug-in, thanks for bring this to my attention. I will definitely create a list of my favorite plug-ins so next time I build a site I can use this.

    many thanks

    • sylvia

      How have you been Roger?
      It is really cool all the plugins that are available.
      Glad you found it useful!

  • Hi Sylvia,
    What a great time saving tip! 
    I’ve noticed on occasion when I try to install a plugin using wordpress it starts the installation but never completes. I guess it’s ’cause the amount of resources required to install exceed what the hosting site allows. I end up having to install them using ftp instead. That takes even longer since I have to download the plugin to my laptop first, …

    I like your method better !


    • sylvia

      Hi Karl,
      I am glad it is helpful! There are certainly a lot of plugins out there…it’s a matter of finding them.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hey Sylvia

    Another great teaching video. Always a pleasure to watch you making it sound easy ūüėČ


    • sylvia

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you for the kind words. I hope they are getting better!

  • Hey sylvia…

    Wow I didnt know we could install multiple plugin in just one go.And nice video, really like the fact that you put a video of yourself 
    for a personal touch. You have just inspired me to make videos..:)

    • sylvia

      Yes, lots of neat tricks with plugin. It sometimes takes a bit of time to find all the different plugins but certainly worth it!

  • Hi Sylvia,

    This is a great video that has taught me something new.

    I wasn’t aware of such a helpful tool. A fantastic time saver as well.

    Thanks for this Sylvia, really helpful.