Click on Banner to Pick Up Your Domain Name

Here is a transcription of the video. Great to refer to or if your like me too antsy to watch a video and find it quicker to read!

Hi. In this video, I’m going to show you how to pick up a domain name from This is one of the two name registrars that I like using. The other one is Namecheap. I’ll have a video for how to buy a domain through them also. Let’s start!

The first thing you need to do is create a new account. I already have one but I want to show you what information you would need to fill out. You need a username, password, security question, address… fill it out as you would any online form or anything you sign up with. Once you’re done with that, you don’t have to be logged in, but for the purpose of this instructional video I’m going to be logged into my account first and then I’m going to be buying my domain name.

I’ve logged into my Namesilo account. You can see here. I’m back on the homepage of the site and know exactly what domain I want. Let me type that in really quickly. I know that this website is available. I’m just going to click this and it’s going to ask me my service. I normally leave this as none. For nameservers, if you have the server where your website is going to be hosted you can enter it right now. You can enter it here and here. Of course, you can always enter it after you’ve registered everything. For auto-renew I usually put no.

This is one of the reasons why I like Namesilo, for their privacy settings. The WhoIs privacy -they do not charge you extra for. You can see here that it is included free. I’ll set it to two years. I get a discount if I buy forty-nine more domains, so that’s not an issue right now. Here is an itemized list. This is the domain name I’m getting. I have WhoIs privacy on. Down here is the full price. I just need to hit continue.

I usually pay with PayPal. Remember, if you pay with PayPal after you’re done clicking through PayPal you have to return here to make sure that your transaction is completed. Just because you push all the buttons in PayPal it does not mean that the transaction went through. I’ll click okay and it’s going to connect me to my PayPal account. Login, hit continue, and then accept their terms and conditions, and place your order.

Now the web domain is mine! Very simple. In a future video, which I will put the link to in the bottom here, I’ll show you how to add your nameservers if you didn’t do it during the time you initially purchased the domain. Thanks for stopping by and watching!