hangouts vs gotowebinars infographI am experimenting with infograph and backlinks with infographs.  This is the first one I created.  There are some really nice programs out there that are free.  Of course if I were to sign up I would get access to more graphics and theme/template layouts.  But for my first infograph this is pretty good.

I decide to go the infograph route because the product I am promoting *here’s the plug is Hangout Mastery Course <–click to access.  I figured that the type of audience I am trying to reach LOVE infographs so I am testing it out.

There are simpler ways then to create your own infograph like finding someone on fiverr.   Since I didn’t like the delivery time I did it myself and now I will hire someone to distribute it for me.

I will update this post with some resources in the future, resources on where to create your infograph, where to distribute them and more.  Therefore bookmark this puppy.