Hello!!  Facebook has so many uses and these past two weeks I have been trying to learn how to use all the filters.  I finally figured out how to create and manage my friends list and also create a feed on Facebook.  On facebook it is actually called INTERESTS – but this is Sylvia land and I am calling it a feed.  Why?  Because it feeds in all the posts from the Fanpages that are liked.  Noted: Several different feeds can be set up.

This is very similar to setting up a rss feed or a google reader.  I chose to do this in Facebook because I am always on it.  It made sense to get as much information in one place as possible!  This makes it easy for me to see article, leave comments on them and tweet them if I feel inclined to.

Here is the video on how to set it up:)

Facebook is just one of the mediums I have been utilizing in order to find the best social media system to set up.  I get a little bit all over the place but I am finding some great ‘methods’ and ‘processes’ to help businesses and individuals set up and easily manage their online presence.

Remember:  This blog is a recording of the actions and discoveries of the launch of my current main project.  The launch of my new site :).  It should be ready by Monday…I cross my fingers!

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