Creating html code to download a file also can be referenced as a print button, is a lot easy then you realize!  Watch the video below:

Yes, I have been missing for a bit trying to find direction and action.  Found the action, the plan is constantly changing (for the good) and well the direction is always revealing itself.  There is a fine line of efficiencies when you are continually conducting self-evaluation and action.  I have been experimenting a lot with social media and have found it fascinating.  So since I am a bit all over the place, I have hesitated in writing more but decide that one of my goal is to offer a short video on all things SEO, WordPress, Social media related.  A little all over the place but one day it will string together nicely.  Oh here is the note and code from the video:

create coupon and save

upload to a website/server (the coupon)
two way to upload:
1. via the wordpress media section – just add new
2. placed direct to a folder on your server via an ftp program

write down the url
upload the print button the same way

Insert the print button on to the page
hyperlink it with the url of the coupon

center if you choose


for those who prefer to just add the code, here is what it will look like
<a href=”URL of COUPON”>OPTIONAL TEXT<img src=”IMAGE URL”>


<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”×70.png”></a>

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Let me know if you have anything else you would like to see a video for.  I appreciate and read all comments.