It’s been awhile since I wrote. The last few months I have been going through a journey of resolving my limiting beliefs. This maybe the case for many, you know you are talented. People say you are and can only see success in your future. Yet you are far from the success you want or capable of having.

I believe in the law of attraction and that my current circumstances are a result of my manifestation. This is a difficult pill to swallow at this point because my financial reality is one of struggle and having just enough. This is absolutely the opposite to the financial reality I manifest on daily.

Note: I know I can manifest. I have easily brought  miracles into my life.

This leads me, based on evaluating my situation and talking to friends, to conclude I have some limiting beliefs.  My subconcious is creating situations based on my past experiences that are comfortable because I am used to it. Unfortunately it directly conflicts with my goals and the success I continaully manifest.

Here is the doozy. I am poor right now because it is comfortable. Because I get satisfaction and feel a sense of accomplishment when I am able to make the money I have meet my needs. Because it keeps me connected to those that are close to me. 

Now logically this seems twisted. The truth is emotions are not neccessarily logical. Experience that we have encountered in the past resulted in these ideals in our subconcious.

So as hard as it can be to admit, my situation is something I manifested. It is frustrating to be in it but I know I need to use the methods available out their to overcome it. For me, it is Hoponopono, EFT, matrix reprinting, positive affirmation and meditation.

Yes, this seems like an extensive list but all these thing meet my needs at a different level. The truth is hard to be respondsible for.  Yet I believe it is a worthwhile journey.

I love u. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.