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Rearranging Pinterest Board = Maximizing Interactions

{EAV:82117ce63d31b59e} Pinterest is really fun and easy to use.  I could easily lose hours of productivity pinning, following, etc. Like any social networks there are tips and tricks to maximize your time there when your aim has an internet marketing intent: to build traffic connect with your audience all of the above This is one of the latest… Read More »

ManageFlitter Review – Finding Targeted Twitter Followers

I have been testing, observing, playing with social media the last couple of months.  This video shares one of the tools I use to find very targeted followers for my twitter campaigns. (this is an affiliate link)  Twitter is a great tool and very much like a cocktail party where mingling and exchange of light conversations happen… Read More »

Facebook Feed Tips

Hello!!  Facebook has so many uses and these past two weeks I have been trying to learn how to use all the filters.  I finally figured out how to create and manage my friends list and also create a feed on Facebook.  On facebook it is actually called INTERESTS – but this is Sylvia land and I am… Read More »