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How To Install Plugins – Quick and Easy

Hi Everyone. I hope you enjoy this video about how to quickly and easily install multiple plugins into your site. This method is a great way to install multiple plugins especially if you have a set number you like to use. Check it out and let me know your thoughts below!  I read every comment and appreciate them.… Read More »

Creating a Print/Download button

Creating html code to download a file also can be referenced as a print button, is a lot easy then you realize!  Watch the video below: Yes, I have been missing for a bit trying to find direction and action.  Found the action, the plan is constantly changing (for the good) and well the direction is always revealing… Read More »

Essential WordPress Plugins

Hello Gang!  It’s been awhile since I wrote.  I have been asked what are the ESSENTIAL wordpress plugins from my list.  Here is a little video (it’s my first one so pardon all the UMs).  The list of the plugins are below! List of Essential Wordpress Plugins in the Video **Bad Behavior **cbnet Ping Optimizer **Contextual Related Posts **Display… Read More »

The Ones I Use – My List of Best WordPress Plugins

It’s like a box of chocolate…Which plugins should I use?  When you start your first blog or website that seems to be the question…and then you start ‘investigating’ and ‘wondering’ and the next thing you know…another 4 hours have passed…oh no. This is my personal list of favorites.  Some of the descriptions are blatantly taken from the WP… Read More »

Slow Start….

To everyone who has come by and saw nothing…I am sorry. Evil hackers got on to my server again…and added some code in the index file. This made it impossible to pull up some of my sites. I was able to figure it out 🙂 I initially went to the server company to ask for help…I was not… Read More »