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Adventures with Affiliate Launches

So I finally decided to jump into affiliate launches and I am a bit nervous putting myself out there like that. Why am I scared:  I don’t want to appear scammy or invade people’s space or piss them off. What I realize:  I can give the best review or information on a product and it is up to… Read More »

YouTube’s New Comment System: 7 Things Video Marketers Should Do

See on – Youtube Seo, Youtube Branding, Video Marketing In addition to creating videos that are unique, compelling, and entertaining or informative, make sure you’re also dedicating time to interact with your audience, developing relationships with top contributors, responding to comments, and much more.   sylviaunlimited‘s insight: If your into Youtube like me.  Check out these things… Read More »

Internet Marketing Tip – Friends & Focus

Hi Friends, With this post, I am committing to post at least once a week, either Wednesday or Fridays.  It’s been a crazy year of experimenting and figuring out what has worked.  I managed to get to the top 1% of kred…I didn’t really try there.  I have a klout score that is currently at 76.  Yes, I… Read More »