blog techniquesI meant to put a video up on how to quickly install some plugins into your wordpress site…but still have not gotten around to it.  I apologize about that.

I am planning my goals for April…let me say this last month has been such a learning experience.  I don’t know where to start so I will start like I usually do.  I will ramble….and it will magically come together.  For those who don’t know my method of writing…it is simple…I start writing , see where it goes, edit while I am typing, edit again, proof read, add picture, done.

I am the poster child of doing to much or wanting to do too much.  My first month in the MWY forum and with Alex Jeffery’s program has been about action, following his directions, being sad because of the minimal traffic, being inspired by Rich Schefren and most importantly being inspired to continue forward because of the wonder people at the MWY forum.  Being in a group of like minded people with similar goals, but not competitive, has made a huge difference.  The sharing of information, the tips and the moral support when needed has been incredible.

Now, bursting and focusing.  Because I tend to start too many projects, as one of my exercises last month I had to write down a mindmap of my goals.  Needless to say, even after trimming down the initial draft, the final draft still had way to much stuff.

This is the final draft:

This is the comment on the final draft:  lol


Well the week I got little action done.  What I did get done was a lot of planning and focusing.  I watched this 3 hour webinar by Rich Schefren and it really made me realize I had the skills to be successful.  I was missing two, three maybe four things…(let’s see how many it is actually, now that I am writing):

1.  Focus – by focusing on too many project and moving each one along bit by bit I was losing money.  Yes, time is money,  by not finishing one project at a time, bringing it to the point it needs to be to be profitable, I was losing money because of the additional time it was taking.  Amazingly, I had kinda known this.  I had a little bit of a scenario in my mind.  But to see the chart hence the reality.  It has really forced and motivated me to change my ways.  I broke down all my websites into four groups and in the process of deciding which one gets my attention first.  All the way to completion.

2.  Sweet Spot – This means finding the place where  your passion, strength, resources and opportunity all come together.  So here is a short list:

  • What do I enjoy doing? I enjoy helping people to share their knowledge via the internet and sharing my knowledge as well.
  • What are my strengths?  Coming up with systems and building websites.
  • I also admitted what I have challenges with and what the solutions could be:  I am horrible at content writing (make hubby write), too unfocus to dive deeply into any one subject (build mindmaps to focus my goals for the month) and I do not have the patience to build backlinks (outsource)
  • What resources do I have?  Plenty…I have a will so I have a way.  Thanks to Claire at who posted a wonderful quote that really puts things in perspective:   If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it’s not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever. ― Dalai Lama XIV
  • What is the opportunity?  I wanted something unique….then I looked back at what my strengths are….Coming up with systems and building websites…that is where the idea started to grow and blossom.  The opportunity is in helping those who have the knowledge but needs the roadmap to get that knowledge on the web.

Hence…My writing has lead me to announce the new twist to my blog.  I will still be blogging about internet marketing here.  I am just going to document my process as I take hubby from an unknown on the web to someone with an sustainable income stream.  This is really exciting for me…and yes the lightbulb fired off brightly.

Just a step back, I was starting to comment on blogs and thinking to myself I don’t know as much as everyone else and how could this be interesting to anyone, if my stuff sounded the same?  Not to offend anyone but some of the techniques looked the same after reading it 5 different times…maybe I have been inside the internet marketing world to the point that I was frustrated with talking and I need action…actions with examples.  Well, the lightbulb went off and I realized people were writing about IM to help their audience employ these tactics for their passion, their business.  So I realized this little project I was starting for hubby, who know nothing about the internet, would be the perfect case of how to apply these techniques.  The added twist to my blog is that I would be documenting it here, and it would provide me material.

YIPEE  Passion, strength, resource, and opportunity  = I found my sweet spot.

So there will be a lot planning in the next couple of days while I trim down more items, group and arrange them in manageable pieces.  I might switch to video more just because it will be faster then writing all this…

I look forward to sharing all this with you!

Please let me know your thoughts.  It means so much to me.