I had the privilege of going to a grazing with Braco 2 weeks ago.  He is a healer that heals with his energetic graze.  Here is a YouTube video that provides an overview about Braco.

My grazing was an amazing experience. I could feel the energy pulsing in the room and through my body. When the grazing took place I just absorbed the energy. I will note the during the grazing the room was fully lit and there was a small spot light on Braco. The interesting part is that it felt like the room was dimmed and there was a spotlight on Braco. His energy flow is that intense.

My TR was there, TR is my friend who I have the great pleasure to share this journey with. When she got home she printed all these pictures of Braco and gave them to me. She felt images of him would transmit energy also. I admit at first I was resistant to it because I felt that I would be putting him on a throne, or worshiping him. I was not comfortable with that. Then I realized he did not want to be worshiped. His only desire is to be a vehicle to pass the light, pass this energy. Wow – I am on board.

So here is my explanation of Braco’s power, gift, energy, whatever name you want to place on it. The energy he transmits heals people or sees the goodness and perfection of everyone. In seeing the perfectness of the person through his incredible blessed energy the person becomes whole and perfect! Wow what a gift. What a lesson. What a message.

This ties in to how the universe sees. It ties into the Law of Attraction. It ties into the One Command and Hooponopono. When we see, feel and accept our perfection, our perfect abundance, our perfect health, our perfect anything, the only course is for the universe to correspond!!! How incredible.

Be blessed! Be perfect! Be you!
By the way it is okay to be perfect. Being perfect does not being better then someone. It means you are perfect in every way.

So here are my One Command for today:

I don’t know how. I only know my financial health is healed emotionally, spiritually and physically by Braco’s amazing energy.

I don’t know how. I only know I have perfect financial health; emotionally, spiritually, physically aligned.