Yes,  that was the questions.  I HAVE to post on forums?  You mean I can’t article market, distribute press releases and backlink like a little demon?  I blame Alex for making me post on forums.  I hated it.  It scared me.  It seemed useless and time consuming.  I had avoided it even though one of the first WSO I brought a year ago talked about this…and there were other WSO telling me to do it.  Yes, definitely  beyond my comfort zone.  Me don’t wannaaa!!!

I avoided it because it meant I would be putting myself out there…I would have to be confident and give people information and even though I felt the information was right…someone may come up and tell me that I am stupid.  Exactly what I wanted to be called “stupid”.  I don’t  mind being wrong…I like learning new things and love adding to my knowledge.  I welcome critiques and positive – constructive criticism.  I don’t welcome being told I am dumb or stupid (big sad face).

I have an extremely hard time verbalizing my thoughts.  This leads to inaction…the opposite of what I was doing.  Sigh sigh sigh.

Finally, I would also have to face all the typos that I continually have in my writing.  LOL  yes..if you have read my posts, you know that I have plenty of typos…and this is AFTER 2 – 3 re-reads.  But action, action, action…even if it is not perfect.

Big sigh…found some forums dove in…and wow

Silver lining:  I built confidence, connecting with people, building my own little virtual community.  yipee me

So after posting on forums for a couple of weeks…and losing myself in them and not being the efficient little action taker that I am striving for at this point…I came up with some methods to this madness.

1.  Set up a Google reader feed (per the suggestion of one of my fabulous AJ forum buddies).  Basically go to each of the forums you have signed up on.  Each forum sets up their feeds differently. Some forums have a main rss feed.  Others will have a rss feed for each of the categories.   If there are only category rss feeds then grab 2 -3 feeds from the categories you are comfortable with.  Hit the feed icon and  it will bring you to another page or pop-up.  Select google reader.  Yipeee a feed is created.

Now if you hit the rss icon and you are taken to the actual rss page.  Do the following:

  • Copy the url.
  • Go to your google reader screen.
  • Click subscribe.  A new window will pop up.
  • Paste the feed in the box.
  • Viola – done.  Feed create.

Now I just check my feed to see what is going on and to see if there is anything I can answer vs. logging into each account. Very efficient.

2.  Where the C@#P do I start?  Which forum?  I googled it.  “top internet marketing forum” “best internet marketing forum.  I choose like 10 and registered for a new one everyday.  I believe I am up to 8 now and this is where I am maxing out on for the month.

3.  There are so many different aspects of intern marketing…again I was stunned figuring out which category of the forum do I start with and sound least like an idiot on?  After a couple of days I realized there were some subjects I was really comfortable with.  So I decided to stick with those, to start.

My suggestion:  pick a couple of the subjects and answer back on those.  As time passes expand on the subjects to gain comfort in those areas.

4.  It was scary to have to write down my knowledge.  Am I going to sound stupid?  I know my intent was to be helpful.  Well how do I answer these posts and sound knowledgeable?  I don’t think I am alone in this…but if I knew I had knowledge of the subject but at times verbalizing it was a challenge.  The right words would not come out.  (Frustrating).  I realized I had he knowledge because I read it somewhere and most likely from one of the many WSO and pdfs that I had collected over the last two year.  So I started to go to my file manager, type in a couple of keywords or phases and then read the stuff that popped up.  Put it in my own words and the paste it.

This is the genius part…maybe the sneaky part.  I started to save my answers on at txt file so  that I could quickly cut and paste the basics of the answer.  Then I would add, change, edit as neccessary to make it unique.

Silver lining….all these collected answers have the potential of being a guide or article in the future.

5.  Grow a thicker skin.  In one forum I encountered some senior members that were condesending.  I was bummed out that people would be soooo not nice.  It happens…but some wonderful AJ buddies told me to remember these facts:

  • As long as you are providing helpful answers and doing your best that is all that matters.
  • Negative people on the forums are not there to help you succeed.
  • Just because they are senior members, it does not mean they are successful or know more.  Think about it – why do they have so much time to be answering to almost EVERY post?  They have nothing better to do perhaps?

Wow…another post done.  Based on my just rambling, typing, and then going back and re typing.  Okay gang.  I hope these are helpful tips to navigate through the forums.  I know I was, and still am a bit scared about being out there like this…but how I put it into perspective for myself…Sylvia, how are you going to build a list, become eloquent and confident in your knowledge.  Connect with others and brand yourself if you can’t even get on a forum??

Would love your feedback, like or share 🙂