affiliate programsLa LA LA LA.  Looking for an affiliate program?  Here is my ongoing list.  Bookmark it to check back. (Yes – some of these are my affiliate links; meaning if you sign up through it and I get credit for the sign up and some future commission in addition to what you get for a sales)

If you have seen an item promoted on TV; there is a likely chance you will find it here.

Payout averages between $5 – $25

Be careful and don’t use the product title as the domain name.

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Majority of the offers are adult product like male enhancement, breast health, you get the idea.

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Focuses on popular health supplements to help with weight loss and embarrassing problems.

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There are a ton of merchants and online business here.  Some of the programs require approval and some do not.  So if you have some time some really good gems can be found.  This is one of my favorite affiliate programs.

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Popular CPA program.  There are definitely lots of offering that can be used as a stand-alone affiliate site or to find additional offers for an authority site.

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There are a ton of offers available here.  Many individuals who have created one product use Clickbank to sell their products.    There are a ton of tips on how to find a great product out on the web.  There are pretty much products for every aspect of life.

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A great affiliate program that is popular with CPA offers. Lots of dating, loans and financial related offers.  The dashboard is very easy to navigate.

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Commission Junction

A lot of retail outlets which offers an affiliate program goes through Commission Junction.  The dashboard is quite comprehensive so know what niche or item you want to promote.  Otherwise you could get lost for hours.

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If there is a product on Amazon you can promote it.  Though the claim is you can earn up to a 10% commission that is if certain volume of sales are met.  Also, some items have a different commission structure.  I normally plan for 4 – 6 percent.

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Hope this has been helpful.  I plan to update this page continuously.  If you have any others to add to this list please go ahead and leave it in the comments.