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As the creator of some of the top meditation companies in the world, Vishen Lakhiani shares his own meditation method. While developing this method, he realized that there were 6 main areas of his life that he needed to tend to every day.

Those six areas are:

Love and compassion
Sense of control
Feeling supported

Vishen sought a way to hack meditation by creating a something that would allow the meditator to “level-up,” on a daily basis, in each of these 6 areas.

The result? His famous, incredibly powerful, 15-minute, 6 Phase Guided Meditation. This meditation not only greatly enhances your brain power and emotional state, but completely transforms you — both consciously and unconsciously. This meditation isn’t about clearing your mind, it’s about engaging your mind and strengthening your brain power. Do this every morning, and it will shape how the rest of your day will unfold.

The 6 different phases are as follows:

Future Dreaming
The Perfect Day
The Blessing


04:02 6 Phase meditation
06:15 Science behind meditation
10:34 1.Compassion
12:34 2.Gratitude
16:24 3.Forgiveness
16:15 4.Future Dreaming
19:32 5.The Perfect Day
20:59 6.The Blessing
21:47 On stage demonstration of meditation
34:31 The thing you don’t see


Vishen Lakhiani, the author of The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, is also the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, one of the fastest-growing personal growth companies on the planet.

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