This video is about setting up your online presence on Google Plus.  When you decide to start becoming on Google Plus have these elements set up in place.  This way the people you meet will know what your about and what your interests are.  The information added to these areas just make it simpler to know you and to add you to circles.

There are 5 elements to update:

1.  Google Plus About page

2.  Size of the cover art for Google plus profile is: 2560 x 1490

3.  Google Hover card

4.  Google Authorhsip

5.  Google Badge

If you do not have a blog or website do not worry about number 4 and 5.

This video quickly covers what each of these elements are and future videos and posts will cover the specifics of setting up each one of these.

Watch this post to learn how to set up the cover art properly.

All comments are read and appreciated.